January 20, 2009

Mellel's New Features Get Coverage

I was pleased to see that Mellel got good coverage of it's new features in anarticle by MacTech Magazine.

I own Mellel. I think they're doing great stuff with it. But I confess I never use it. But I'm glad it's there.


Ed Eubanks said...

Mellel is exactly the same for me! I own it, love it, but never use it.

I justify keeping it on my drive, though, by telling myself that its superior handling of long documents and footnotes will be essential when it comes to exporting my books from Scrivener and editing them before submitting to the publisher.

And I really am writing books. That a publisher really is interested in. But still, I sometimes-- like now-- second guess this, and think that's just an excuse.

exegete77 said...

I have owned Mellel for 5 years and use it regularly. For short, quick, everyday writing I use Nisus Writer Pro, but for any academic writing (which includes Hebrew), there is nothing to compare to Mellel's handling of right-to-left languages.

DavidMorgenstern said...

Same for me. I have owned Mellel for a few years but do most of my regular writing now in TextEdit.

It really handles Hebrew well, which is really why I bought it. And now with the Windows Hebrew support, even better (I sometimes get that sent me).

However, Mellel really wants you to work into a structured, styled document and that's not how I work (and it's not the kind of document I usually write).

David Morgenstern