February 11, 2010

Microsoft Office for Mac 2011

The Macworld event going on right now always brings with it announcements on upcoming software. Microsoft today gave a review of the upcoming Office for Mac 2011, due to be release in time for the 2010 holiday season (yeah right). Questions of interest are always the status of right-to-left unicode Hebrew. I do not think it's hopeful on that front, but I'll keep looking. They are reintegrating VBA support. The removal of VBA support is the reason I wrote my dissertation in Word for Mac 2004 instead of 2008. Here are more details on what was revealed.

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Harry Hoffner said...

I had read the fuller account of the announcement before seeing your blog entry, Joe. But I appreciate your guess about the right-to-left Hebrew Unicode. That is a deal-breaker for me. I just must have that. So I guess I'll continue to be a Word outsider looking in with less interest each year.